Yolanda Dunderdale AKA Madam Marvelous

Meet Yolanda Dunderdale AKA Madam Marvelous -- artist, performer, producer. Yolanda is also Echo's incredibly talented costumer and loyal royal sister. We love working with her on all things creative.

Dance with Yolanda + Echo on May 13!

EDC: In what ways do you express your creativity?

Yolanda: Dance, music, lyrics, comedy, writing, playing with identity/style, sharing ideas and information.

EDC: What does “royal” mean to you?

Yolanda: Self-love, self- care, duty, service, responsibility to others, community, the greater good, leadership


EDC: Describe your persona in THREE words.




EDC: Where do you see your art taking you?

Yolanda: I am really hoping people come to me. Lol. I don’t wanna travel except for one long trip to retire in Hawaii.

This is why: YouTube

EDC: What drives you to create?

Yolanda: To heal myself and others through the power of music, dance, fashion, creation.


The joy of collaborating with others and seeing ideas come to life.

EDC: What or who has impacted you the most artistically?

Yolanda: Club Music/Techno Music/Electronic Music/All Music. The notes, the tones, the lyrics, the shared experiences -- it moves me, literally.

All my teachers, Cesar Valentino, Craig Derry, DrLoni, my family, peers, friends, music idols. All inspire, support, educate, provide alternate and/or deeper perspectives, insights into art and the world.

EDC: How can we support you?

Yolanda: Subscribe to Madam Marvelous on YouTube and stay tuned for TechnoRobix -- fun, funny dance fitness realness, featuring Echo dancers oh yes!!!

Follow Madam Marvelous (artist) on Spotify and madammarvelous (user) to access all my original music/collaborations, and all the TechnoRobix playlists.

Check out www.madammarvelous.com & www.technorobix.com

All are welcome to attend my (or anyone’s) group fitness classes at the SRSC as well (free for IU Students and $6.00/day for the public/non-students!) Cycle, Step, Yoga, PIYO and soon TechnoRobix!

‘Yolanda’ on the Group Ex schedule here.