Joey Simmons

Meet Joey. She's an emotional, dedicated dreamer from a small town on the East side of Indianapolis called New Palestine. 

Describe in your own words what you are adding to The Royal Tour experience. 

Alongside Jac, we are creating an inclusive space at Blueline where you can come network after the performance with like-minded creatives.

What does the word "royal" mean to you?

No matter what shape, size, color, background, or gender you are supreme, you are magnificent. We are all WORTHY of this creative life.

In what ways do you express your creativity?

I can't say that I have just one way of expressing my creativity. I love to write. I love photography. I love collaborating with other creatives to showcase our various mediums of expression. 

Who has impacted you the most artistically? How?

When I was younger, my grandmother impacted me the most. She always pushed me to pursue the arts, no matter it be with music or creating art with a paintbrush or soft pastels. Today -- my co-workers, friends, creative partners. They all inspire me to create in various ways and to explore different places of my creativity.

How can we support you?

My social media has been my main form of expression, as of lately. @joey.cheyenne -- In the month of may I'm participating in a #selflovebootcamp put on by a Body Positive Ambassador, Kenzie Brenna (@omgkenzieee). This 'bootcamp' sets up daily topics to face your insecurities head on and come out with a new appreciation and understanding of your body, mental health, and how to overcome various triggers in this crazy life!