Ana Nelson

Ana describes herself as passionate, creative, fierce. Let's get to know her. 

What does the word "royal" mean to you?

"Royal" to me means someone finding the power within to embrace themselves, carrying themselves with pride and confidence, and sharing that power with others.

Where do you see your travels in art taking you?

I see myself collaborating with a variety of musicians around the world in many genres (classical, jazz, funk, contemporary, etc.) and eventually teaching at a university.

The desire to be my best self, and inspire something in others drives me to create.

Who or what has inspired you the most artistically? How?

My dad has had a huge impact on me as a musician, he plays saxophone and clarinet, so he's been my teacher essentially my whole life! Whenever I go home for breaks or summer we end up just playing music together. My parents have both been supportive and got me started in music at an early age (I started playing violin at age 3). So I think they've impacted me the most by making my music journey possible!

Describe how you are adding to the The Royal Tour experience.

I think that I'm adding to the Royal Tour experience by letting this be a collaborative and spontaneous work. Jac gave me a lot of freedom of what I wanted to do, which means that the work you're about to see is a creative project in motion. We are constantly adding and thinking about it, and I think that's what is going to make it so enjoyable for you, the audience! 

In what ways do you express your creativity?

I express much of my creativity through my music, I'm an emotional person and I try to channel all that energy into my art. I think that creativity works the best when it is paired with other's creativity, so I try to do a lot of collaborative projects and am constantly learning from others.

How can we support you?

This summer, I am finishing up recording for the Liberation Music Collective, a socially conscious jazz ensemble that is recording their second album, Rebel Portraiture. You can check out the group online or follow them on Facebook, please consider purchasing their album or checking out the group live in Bloomington! For following me personally, my website will be up and running this summer, where I will post videos of my recent and past projects, and details of upcoming performances. I recently finished recording tracks of my original compositions for jazz quartet at Indiana University, so I hope to have some videos and links for you all soon on the site!

I am also a member of the Vallures, a 60's Motown girl group, we have many shows (many booked this summer!) in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and  around the Midwest so check us out on Facebook!